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Legacy: Dark Shadows Crack + License Key Download In the year 1930 Japanese scientists discovered an unusual substance which when injected in human body starts to regenerate body cells stopping the process of aging. However, with the first few volunteers it became clear that something has gone wrong: after ten days the rejuvenation was so intense that a body couldn?t take that much of a shock. All of the subjects died of a stroke. In 1936 Japan and Germany sign the Anti-Comitern Pact. Hitler?s leading scientist Josef Mengele negotiated the terms of the cooperation with Japanese concerning the research of the regenerative substance. These negotiations lasted until 1941, when Germans realized that their soldiers aren?t able to bare the cold Russian climate. Japanese, concerned for their interests in Russia, decided to help them unconditionally. In December, 1941 the Institute for Hereditary Biology with its leading scientist dr. Mengele received a mysterious package from Japan. Only the chosen ones knew that it contained all records regarding the creation of the regenerative substance. To get to Germany as soon as possible, pilots of the cargo plane had to fly over the enraging Stalingrad front. [GMX Media]

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