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Star Trek: D-A-C Crack With Serial Key Latest Star Trek: D-A-C allows fans to pitch battles between Starfleet and the Romulan Empire. Up to 12 players can compete in thrilling team combat. There are three game play modes - single player, online multiplayer and online co-op. For each mode, there are three different game types - Team Deathmatch, Assault and Conquest. Players can now choose from four ship types for each faction, including the new U.S.S. Enterprise featured in the "Star Trek" film. Each ship - the powerful Flagship, the aggressive Fighter, the nimble Bomber and the all-new Support Frigate - offers its own unique capabilities for players to master and manipulate as they fight for victory. The Support Frigate allows players to heal friendly ships and easily target enemy escape pods. New gameplay updates in Star Trek: D-A-C for PlayStation Network include variable AI difficultly settings, customizable goals that allow players to set game time limits and number of kills needed to win, improved mechanics for capturing control points in Conquest games, and host migration, which will allow games to continue even if the host player disconnects. [Paramount Digital Entertainment]

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