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Left Behind: Eternal Forces Left Behind: Eternal Forces is a Real Time Strategy game. You, as the player, control your forces from a vantage point high above the action. You do not personally participate in the action; you command your units to perform tasks by giving orders via the game interface. You can order them where to go and what to do whenever you wish. Lead the Tribulation Force from the book series, including Rayford, Chloe, Buck and Bruce against Nicolae Carpathia - the AntiChrist. Conduct physical & spiritual warfare : using the power of prayer to strengthen your troops in combat and wield modern military weaponry throughout the game world. Recover ancient scriptures and witness spectacular Angelic and Demonic activity as a direct consequence of your choices. [Left Behind Games]

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Platform PC
Our rating
39 / 100
User rating 3.7
Downloads 1064
Players 8 Online
Genres Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Left Behind Games
Developer Left Behind Games