Alien Blast: The Encounter Crack

Alien Blast: The Encounter The year is 2060 and the action takes place on a remote and isolated planet. In the distant frontiers of space, a large allied force well beyond the reach of Earth maintains civilization. The aim is to conquer and defend distant planets for the new civilization. The crew of the commercial starship MBK-03 has been alerted to investigate a distress call from an allied planet. After landing on the planet, the crew discovers that the signal is actually a warning. A warning to abandon the planet, but it is too late to turn back and the terror begins when they first encounter an alien during their investigation. Defend the allied planet against the alien raid ? this is the mission! Far from the reaches of your solar system, you are alone on an assignment to battle the alien horde. As a member of the allied forces, everyone is relying on you. Most of your allied forces have been destroyed, and this will be your most difficult mission yet. It's up to you to defend the planet. In this first-person view arcade shoot'em-up, you must gather up all your courage to defend yourself and defeat the enemy, the aliens. Alien Blast is an exciting sci-fi action combat game for everyone. [Strategy First]

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Platform PC
Our rating
42 / 100
User rating 6
Downloads 1150
Players 1-4
Genres Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi
Strategy First
Developer Made by Kiddies