Gods: Lands of Infinity Crack

Gods: Lands of Infinity Ancient world of Bellarion struggles in the neverending war of Gods. Conflict has aroused when Xarax, ruler of Gods of Bellarion, was murdered. Each of the remaining Gods claimed the right for the Divine Throne. After many quarrels, they all agreed that they should arrange the Ultimate Challenge in which all the Gods would cross their powers to show who is the most powerful to rule them all. But the Gods who failed were still not willing to submit to the winner. They summoned their armies and attacked the worshipers of other Gods. By the deaths of their worshipers, Gods lost part of their power and weakened. This deed could not have been left without reply. [Cypron Studios]

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Platform PC
Our rating
55 / 100
User rating 6
Downloads 1184
Players 1 Player
Genres Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Strategy First , Cypron Studios
Developer Cypron Studios