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Project Nomads Catastrophe, first part: The planet of the Nomads burst. Catastrophe, second part: A few survivors drift on rocky islands through space and time. Anyway, the catastrophe has its good sides as well: 1.) A fascinating world in airy spaces was created. 2.) The game character you choose - mysterious Susie, clever John or strong Goliath - has survived. 3.) You have a task: Destroy the originators of the catastrophe and other creeps. 4.) Get ready for the final countdown. With magic items, you can transform your island to a battle giant teeming with weapons. You also use these items to produce heavily armed flight devices for the search of further artefacts and in order to gain raw materials for energy supply. There's heaps to do. Snap to it! [CDV]

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Platform PC
Our rating
63 / 100
User rating 8.6
Downloads 1230
Players 1-8
Genres Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
cdv Software
Developer Radon Labs