Mafia III: Faster, Baby! Crack

Mafia III: Faster, Baby! Faster, Baby! features high-octane chases ripping through the countryside and new ways to cause vehicular mayhem. What’s different this time around when you play Mafia III? We’re getting straight to the action as we tell Lincoln’s tale. Faster, Baby! takes place alongside events in the game… but in an entirely new town and with new gameplay experiences. A civil rights leader is murdered while investigating local sheriff, Walter “Slim” Beaumont. Other activists are next on the list – and it’s up to Lincoln and Roxy Laveau (daughter of Charles “The Voice” Laveau) to get to the bottom of what’s happening. As for Sinclair Parish – it may be fictional, but it’s based upon how a few towns used to be, says Hangar 13’s Narrative Director, Bill Harms. It’s a place where some folks tried to preserve a narrow-minded way of life. Minorities weren’t welcome, especially after dark. “Just like the main game, we wanted to capture a snapshot of a specific time and place in American history, and let the player experience it.” Since Sinclair Parish is a small rural township in the countryside near the Bayou, expect lots of opportunities to tear through turns, jump gaps and run from the law. Harms adds, “The gameplay is really centered around driving and pushing that as far as possible, while also feeling like a natural extension of the free racing DLC we released not too long ago.” [2K Games]

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Platform PC
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63 / 100
User rating 4.7
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Genres Action Adventure
2K Games
Developer Hangar 13