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Crashday Crack + Keygen Download Crashday blends elements of action games such as Burnout, Stuntman, Destruction Derby, Flatout, Track Mania, Tony Hawk and Carmageddon into one package for destruction fans. The game delivers glorious visuals, open environments, great looking vehicles and weapons at your disposal which has been carefully crafted for PC. 7 game modes (both single player and multiplayer). 12 vehicles with tuning possibilities. Integrated track editor. Career mode, Single event and Mini games. Stunt show - Impress the crowd with insane stunts, huge jumps and spectacular crashes. Racing - All out racing against other opponents. Wrecking Match - Be the last one standing, bring down your opponents any way possible including weapons. Hold the Flag - Take the flag and keep hold of it for as long as possible - Carry through checkpoints to win. Pass the bomb - Pass the bomb from your car to another whilst the times runs down. Bomb run - Keep your car over a certain speed or it will blow up, survive for as long as possible. Test Drive - Free roam and practice. [Atari]

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Platform PC
Our rating
64 / 100
User rating 8.1
Downloads 1469
Players 1-4
Genres Driving, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Developer Replay Studios, Moonbyte Studios