Special Forces: Nemesis Strike Crack

Special Forces: Nemesis Strike (Also known as "CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect") You belong to an elite force fighting against global counter-terrorism. Your team is made up of two crack agents poised to react to any threat. Stealth Owl is an infiltration expert, whose skills are accuracy and skydiving. Raptor uses weapons of mass destruction and favours close combat. Your main objective is to dismantle the NEMESIS network and retrieve the stolen technology. But by changing the chemical properties of certain proteins, the terrorists have made their fighters much more aggressive. The weapons used in-game are the result of scientific research: amongst the varied arsenal are electromagnetic bombs and holographic gadgets to destabilise your enemies, LCD corner-shot machine guns, heat-seeking rocket launchers, drones, infra-red vision, sonar vision, etc.; brace yourself against the blast of each explosion, more real than reality! [Hip Games]

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Platform PC
Our rating
64 / 100
User rating 8.3
Downloads 757
Players 1 Player
Genres Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Modern, Arcade
Hip Games
Developer Asobo Studio