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Of Orcs and Men Of Orcs and Men first puts you into the role of an elite Orc soldier from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, a league of warriors deeply involved in the war opposing the Orcs and Goblins on one side to their persecutors, Humankind. As a veteran warrior who has seen the most brutal of battles, you are appointed by the Orc commander to complete a mission that could change the course of the war: kill the one man responsible for all of this bloodshed, the one who has, for years, exhorted the human masses to loath and fight the green-skinned people: the Emperor himself.

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Platform PC
Our rating
70 / 100
User rating 6.7
Downloads 2092
Genres Role-Playing, Action RPG, Western-Style
Focus Home Interactive
Developer Cyanide, Spiders