Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse Crack

Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse Mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, clinging to the bones of the old world while trying to recover long forgotten secrets. The Grand Canyon is the last bastion of humanity. The Shiva virus, which wiped out nearly all of humanity, has left the survivors and subsequent generations altered. The virus caused mutations, some of which were benign, some malignant, and just some incredible. It is your choice to either rise above the hardships of the post-apocalyptic world and rebuild what was lost or embrace the destruction and erase the corrupt world that remains. Where will you stand in the fight for Fallen Earth? [Steam]

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Platform PC
Our rating
72 / 100
User rating 6.9
Downloads 1931
Players Massively Multiplayer
Genres Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
SouthPeak Games , Icarus Games
Developer Fallen Earth, LLC