Soldiers of Anarchy Crack

Soldiers of Anarchy It's 2013. 10 years ago, a fanatical cult caused a near apocalypse on the Earth. To survive, you and a group of military veterans went underground. Now, you emerge to a world enslaved by the cult. You must free humanity from its new oppressors. Controlling a fully customizable squad of up to 12 soldiers, you work your way through a scarred landscape. Starting with only a pistol, your squad must locate and recapture the weapons of modern warcraft and do battle. But be careful because all weapons and vehicles can also be commandeered by the enemy, even in mid-battle-and used against you, too.

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Platform PC
Our rating
74 / 100
User rating 7.8
Downloads 743
Players 1-8
Genres Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Simon & Schuster
Developer Silver Style