OIO The Game Crack With Activator

OIO The Game Crack & Serial Key Drawing inspiration from the mythologies of Icarus and timeless fairytales, OIO is the story of a little wooden man, awakened when a stray beam of sunlight pierces the twilight subterranean world in which he and his hand-carved compatriots stand frozen in time. Alone in being reanimated, OIO embarks on a perilous journey through the vast organic netherworld with only his wits and magical seeds to overcome the challenges before him and climb towards the light. As the journey unfolds, OIO will learn of the fate that befell his petrified companions, seek a way to free them from their inanimate tyranny, and come face to face with his greatest challenge.

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Platform PC
Our rating
76 / 100
User rating 5.6
Downloads 1280
Genres Action, Platformer, 2D
Developer Uncanny