Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe Crack

Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe Design, customize, test, ride and complete missions with a variety of roller coasters in your very own theme park. In Imagineering Mode, you are a roller coaster designer and are given the task to build roller coasters based on very specific criteria. In the Build Mode, you create any roller coaster you can imagine, and customize it with environments, backgrounds, characters and props. When you've got your Ultimate Ride you can e-mail it to your friends or post in on www.ultimateridegame.com, CoasterXchange and compete for the rank of ROLLERGOD. [Disney Interactive]

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Platform PC
Our rating
78 / 100
User rating 5.9
Downloads 703
Players 1 Player
Genres Strategy, Tycoon
Disney Interactive Studios
Developer Gigawatt Studios