Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean Crack

Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean In Conquest of the Aegean, players get to take on the role of either the Allied or German commanders and pit their wits against either a computer controlled opponent or a human opponent via LAN or the internet. Play as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain to achieve concealment and surprise. Or fight as the Axis, driving hard achieve a quick victory with minimal losses. Battles in the game cover the Greco-Italian War, the German Invasion of Greece, the German Invasion of Crete, a fictional scenario for the Invasion of Malta by Axis forces, and numerous other "what if" scenarios that will allow you to reshape history. [Matrix Games]

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Platform PC
Our rating
79 / 100
User rating 6.9
Downloads 1343
Players 1-2
Genres Strategy, Wargame, Real-Time
Matrix Games
Developer Panther Games