Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Crack

Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Forged in the fires of advanced biotechnology, a new race has emerged from the shadows to threaten the SotS universe. Born of blood, driven by hunger and launched on a relentless search for the Gods that made them, these brutal warriors will stop at nothing to find "The Great Masters." As they tear the galaxy apart, a dark new chapter in the annals of interstellar conquest will begin. Bringing with it new strategies, new weapons, and a new view of "resources." They call themselves The Zuul. And they have uses for you. [GamersGate]

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Platform PC
Our rating
80 / 100
User rating 8.1
Downloads 557
Players 8 Online
Genres Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Sci-Fi
Lighthouse Interactive
Developer Kerberos Productions