La-Mulana (Remake) Crack

La-Mulana (Remake) Will you fall prey to deadly traps or unravel the secrets of LA-MULANA? LA-MULANA is an "Archaeological Ruin Exploration Action Game" in which you search inside ancient ruins, seeking out the "Secret Treasure of Life" - which sleeps in the sprawling ruins of "LA-MULANA" and is said to be the beginning of all civilization. Apart from the plethora of traps lying in wait to stop intruders, there are also monsters on the prowl, protecting the ruins. Head for the innermost depths of the ruins while solving a variety of mysteries, fending off monsters, and disarming traps.

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Platform PC
Our rating
81 / 100
User rating 7.1
Downloads 1158
Genres Action, Platformer, 2D
Asterizm Co., Ltd
Developer Nigoro