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Eets Crack + Keygen Download Eets is a downloadable game that comes with its own puzzle maker and challenges players to use the power of angry giant marshmallows, chocolate pumping power shooters or invoke the trickery of prankster whales to progress through the game and solve a puzzle. Eets Gameplay is like "Lemmings Meet The Incredible Machine Plus a Touch of Character." Players step onto a rich looking platform of lush grasses against a sunny sky and compel the main character, Eets, to find puzzle pieces or shards placed throughout the game's levels. Eets players progress through the game by acquiring puzzle pieces and by collecting a certain amount, doors will open to new levels such as Smoreland or Kaboom Desert. Players control Eets by feeding him, causing certain emotions and behaviors to erupt based on the food and other props you serve up to him. Get Eets to bite into a tasty chocolate chip and he happily jumps into areas where you want him to progress; give him a sad marshmallow and he will be afraid to move off a cliff. The game is full of suprises from sneezy sows that don't like to be touched and respond by firing off superpigs, to carts that roll and explode when triggered. Players can figure out what makes each element tick and set off chain reactions to get to their desired destination. In addition to the games more than 100 levels, Eets includes a puzzle maker where players can create their own fun by developing levels complete with their choice of music, hurdles, characters, time of day, atmosphere and level of difficulty. [Klei Entertainment]

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Platform PC
Our rating
82 / 100
User rating 6.2
Downloads 1576
Genres Action, Platformer, 2D
Klei Entertainment
Developer Klei Entertainment